We Must Protecc Him

28 Vas 2019
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edited by Andrew Kerrigan

  • We must protecc sprinkles at all cost. He is good boi and deserves the best.

    MagikarpUsedFlyMagikarpUsedFlyPrieš metus
    • where r u mate ? u didn't upload from like 2 moth !! r u dead ?

      Vict0rTIVict0rTIPrieš metus
    • Mat?

      Zach ZacharyZach ZacharyPrieš metus
    • did u dieded

      Anonylution GamingAnonylution GamingPrieš metus
    • you hate youtube dont you

      LizardWizard GameingLizardWizard GameingPrieš metus
    • MagikarpUsedFly Boi you ded?

      Carl krishann MillaresCarl krishann MillaresPrieš metus
  • Magikarp: im now a expert Mins later Geminis:**pings enemy** Magikarp: how did he do dat?

    Cryptic Unknown?Cryptic Unknown?Prieš metus
  • so this is what this channel has become

    Hi im TrippzHi im TrippzPrieš metus
  • Sprinkles keeps his old owner after all since Magikarpusedfly pinned his own comment. Feels bad man.

    Zephyr DovahkiinZephyr DovahkiinPrieš metus
  • Well congratudamnlations!!!

    MA DMA DPrieš metus
  • He protecc He attacc He thicc

    LoneWolf LOLLoneWolf LOLPrieš metus
  • a

    Florian K.Florian K.Prieš metus
  • he dead

    GoblikonGoblikonPrieš metus
  • Hey Matt! Can you do a tier list on lol champs, it will get a lot of views

    KebabGames420 hehe xDKebabGames420 hehe xDPrieš metus
  • Alloha

    PerkzyPlaysPerkzyPlaysPrieš metus
  • Is you dead

    Studená StranaStudená StranaPrieš metus
  • where is yo ass

    tavi3320 tavi3320tavi3320 tavi3320Prieš metus
  • Ni**A where are you?

    Darius RomanDarius RomanPrieš metus
  • I miss you.........

    vV 11vV 11Prieš metus
  • He protecc He attacc But most imprtantly, chill out he will be bacc

    Skeleton KingSkeleton KingPrieš metus

    Beeper FagBeeper FagPrieš metus
  • Matt is the kind of superhero that kill the innocent so the villain wont

    moscamoscaPrieš metus
  • Is you dead or wat?

    Mitch M.Mitch M.Prieš metus
  • Wtf dude stop dying so often

    Luka ŽoldinLuka ŽoldinPrieš metus
  • that aim tho

    Maro BaroMaro BaroPrieš metus
  • F, all the best

    lucas groveslucas grovesPrieš metus
  • what is that outro song my dude its the best ive ever heard can i plz get the name of it?

    JacobcolJacobcolPrieš metus
    • It's from animal crossing Forgot the name but it starts with D D

      The Guy Who Let The Dogs OutThe Guy Who Let The Dogs OutPrieš metus
  • Matt come back ;(

    DingasDingasPrieš metus
  • Magikarp be like : ☠️

    Joshua FajarJoshua FajarPrieš metus
  • Can you please, make another champion spotlight, i know you said you wouldnt anymore but please... i miss it, watching it brings me a nostalgia feeling, please

    Anh TamAnh TamPrieš metus
  • when r u gonna make a vid on veigar

    Roth: The World EnderRoth: The World EnderPrieš metus
  • I want free sprinkles haha

    HalfxueHalfxuePrieš metus
  • R.I.P. Matt, you Will be missed bra.

    GOGOgomesGOGOgomesPrieš metus
  • I miss you Matt, where are you?

    ArturArturPrieš metus
  • you guys remember "2 new videos every week"? I do. where is the next vid karp?

    DeulystDeulystPrieš metus
    • He is editing a vid but it takes him alot of time ok?

      dumbassdumbassPrieš metus
    • when u stop feeling entitled to free content maybe

      Josh OJosh OPrieš metus
  • Hey Matt can u make a new link to discord the others doesn t work pls

    AbderrahmenAbderrahmenPrieš metus
  • mat; please bb come back to us. we need you........ if you're going to leave please at least let us know

    Trevor CookTrevor CookPrieš metus
  • Is this guy alive?

    Petee VannPetee VannPrieš metus
  • Matt where u at?

    Nagib MahfuzNagib MahfuzPrieš metus
  • Help me I got banned from your discord server for being nice 😅

    AbderrahmenAbderrahmenPrieš metus
  • *2 months later* Still no video...

    Chemicalz -Chemicalz -Prieš metus
  • so is matt ok ? He stopped youtube ?

    Stupe FacioStupe FacioPrieš metus
  • well its official, Mat is dead

    Gregorio GomezGregorio GomezPrieš metus
    • It's official, he isn't. He tweeted like 7 minutes ago

      PunocchioPunocchioPrieš metus
  • Post 1 league video every three months, then just disappears forever gg 👍🏻

    Obama8MyCatObama8MyCatPrieš metus
  • *WHERE ARE YOU!!??*

    Johnny JoestarJohnny JoestarPrieš metus
  • Yo matt, are you aware u still have a youtube channel?

    ChotaroChotaroPrieš metus
  • Like 60%of your vids are sponsored by discord oof

    Tic_AttackTic_AttackPrieš metus
  • Is you ded

    dinos vorvisdinos vorvisPrieš metus
  • Miss you Daddy.

    darius visockasdarius visockasPrieš metus
  • For enyone who comes here to ask what is going on Matt is still alive but had been caught up in unforseen circumstances

    Marios DimitriadisMarios DimitriadisPrieš metus
    • Any info out there on when we can expect some content?

      Tyler ReynoldsTyler ReynoldsPrieš metus
    • Marios Dimitriadis like?

      Gabriel BodifordGabriel BodifordPrieš metus
  • You should do actual champion spotlights of the recently reworked champs (akali, Astros, kayle, etc.)

    JayTheCasualGamerJayTheCasualGamerPrieš metus
  • I hope you guys know that Matt put an update so he's not dead he's just had a "series of unfortunate events"

    SilverSkulls99SilverSkulls99Prieš metus
    • Thank you for the update, was curious as to where he had gone

      DavidDavidPrieš metus
  • Can u post more please

    Walker BoyleWalker BoylePrieš metus
  • I miss you daddy

    disbelievepapydisbelievepapyPrieš metus
  • Realm royale was better in the early alpha.

    I Requi3m II Requi3m IPrieš metus
  • New videos every week amyrite

    Chris MisailidisChris MisailidisPrieš metus
  • Is the fat guy dead yet?

    Joel AlbaJoel AlbaPrieš metus
  • He protecc He attacc But most importantly He never come bacc 😢

    Cody ChaconCody ChaconPrieš metus
    • heard from comments he was working on a vid, and it got corrupted, just be patient

      CosmiCosmiPrieš metus
  • Where is next video?

    Sky StolenSky StolenPrieš metus
  • I missed this dude i lived his vids. Plz matt come back

    Christos KladeftirasChristos KladeftirasPrieš metus
  • Mat u fool where have you gone >:

    NickusNickusPrieš metus
  • I just wanna hear your freaking voice, you angel among heathens. Give me 3% effort and 2% quality and I'll be happy. I just want to laugh at you laughing.

    Bryce HammenBryce HammenPrieš metus
  • can i have the code plz

    ElGamerlive ギャヴィンElGamerlive ギャヴィンPrieš metus
  • can i have the code plz

    ElGamerlive ギャヴィンElGamerlive ギャヴィンPrieš metus
  • can i have the code plz

    ElGamerlive ギャヴィンElGamerlive ギャヴィンPrieš metus
  • can i have the code plz

    ElGamerlive ギャヴィンElGamerlive ギャヴィンPrieš metus
  • Dude, r u not on LTworlds anymore, I’d be a shame if u weren’t. You’re fans love u, life is shitty, but u make it better for a lot of us. We want u to be good tho, be true to you’re self first

    Jackson BiancoJackson BiancoPrieš metus
  • Waiting for an upload 😢😢

    Bad BitchBad BitchPrieš metus
  • Meybe his ded.. his a ded boi..

    Carl krishann MillaresCarl krishann MillaresPrieš metus
  • Good to see your last video you made for a long while is a shitty sponsored video, makes me glad I unsubbed

    Ashara ZAshara ZPrieš metus
  • Your channel is trash and it's awesome to see you go down you cat pig

    dagurrdagurrPrieš metus
  • Where did u go buddy

    Ben MullinBen MullinPrieš metus
  • Is magikarp dead?

    King BrandKing BrandPrieš metus
  • Did Magikarp pass away?

    Chris BatacanChris BatacanPrieš metus
  • it’s just a fucking fortnite clone. Nice advertisement lmao

    PurpleFireflyPurpleFireflyPrieš metus
    • @Fucc lol k

      PurpleFireflyPurpleFireflyPrieš metus
    • Yes, because Fortnite has classes, abilities, and is fun.

      FuccFuccPrieš metus
  • Oof. Your playing a Hi-Rez game.

    Twin Blade VoltTwin Blade VoltPrieš metus
  • Where did u go matty boi

    LazerBoobieLazerBoobiePrieš metus
  • Matt we all miss you hope youre okay!

    Gavin GoinsGavin GoinsPrieš metus
  • Ey yo matt! Wtf. Are you ok?! Y dont you any new vids?! Are you safe?! Is everything ok? Duuuuude we miss you! @magikarpusedfly

    joseph patrick Martinjoseph patrick MartinPrieš metus
  • You die?

    Ritard DogoRitard DogoPrieš metus
  • u dead yet ?

    Minh đỗMinh đỗPrieš metus
  • Please don't kill you're self I won't be sad I watch you're videos you aren't funny but some times yes ok I like you and if we meet I will say hi nothing else (and a selfie) 😏😏😏

    The Blyatman partaloskiThe Blyatman partaloskiPrieš metus
  • so uh, wheres the next video magi? we know where you live. we're sending sparkly shit to your mail box as we speak they'll increase in quantity for each day you don't post a new vidoe.

    Sierth RubySierth RubyPrieš metus
  • chimken

    PandaaPandaaPrieš metus
  • Where are u?

    Kulturelt JordfaldshulKulturelt JordfaldshulPrieš metus
  • Rip Magikarpusedfly I’ll miss you :(

    Andrew ChengAndrew ChengPrieš metus
    • He was working on a video for a long time and the file got corrupted and i think hes taking a small break, hes not gone. (from his twitter)

      RituaaliRituaaliPrieš metus
  • bup

    Lorgo 044Lorgo 044Prieš metus
  • Bring back League if outplays and hire an editor so you can fix the shitshow that is yo upload schedule

    Meatballer2448Meatballer2448Prieš metus
  • You are killing your channel

    Meatballer2448Meatballer2448Prieš metus
  • Why have you not uploaded in over a month

    Meatballer2448Meatballer2448Prieš metus
  • We miss you😭 pls dont do this to us

    FricktionFricktionPrieš metus
  • Where did you go matt?

    FricktionFricktionPrieš metus
  • Happy easter niga, can we get a video please

    t bt bPrieš metus
  • Are u dead?

    Alex AlexandruAlex AlexandruPrieš metus
  • Isnt he a donkey clone?

    KilobapeKilobapePrieš metus
  • Go upload u big shit

    CamiellCamiellPrieš metus
  • Hey if you're dead please make a video so we know if you died or something.

    4 Skin4 SkinPrieš metus
  • my mans dead

    Holy DoggoHoly DoggoPrieš metus
  • So you dead now or...????

    Suck me drySuck me dryPrieš metus
  • Make a Sylas actual champion spotlight

    Devilus34Devilus34Prieš metus
  • rest in peace my mildly-obese friend.

    boradru the humanboradru the humanPrieš metus
  • Wow the first dunkey clone I’ve seen

    Otaku with GlassesOtaku with GlassesPrieš metus
  • Karp's mom: does our son trying to scam kids on the internet again? Karp's dad: THAT IS NO GOOD...Wait, w-we have a son?!?!?

    The_Ultra_Instict NoobsThe_Ultra_Instict NoobsPrieš metus
  • Did you die or something?

    MealywingsMealywingsPrieš metus
  • Give me the keys matt

    Miner StevenMiner StevenPrieš metus