The Smash Ultimate Team Battle For World Domination | Ft. Darkkmane, Yakkocmn and RedRiotRoss

18 Grd 2018
236 873 Peržiūros

I put Smash Ultimate in the description just for search engine optimization and nothing else
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edited by Andrew Kerrigan
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  • Should have battled on SimonMania. Just saying...

    Vương Gia BảoVương Gia BảoPrieš 2 mėnesius
  • You should play on a good stage like SIMONMANIA!

    Preston M-FPreston M-FPrieš 9 mėnesių
  • it's Nathan!

    Benjamin NewellBenjamin NewellPrieš 11 mėnesių

    WazGoodHomieWazGoodHomiePrieš metus
  • Sonic adventure 2 basically 8:11

    BubbtasticBubbtasticPrieš metus
  • What was the song at the little mac part?

    Abdulaziz MohammedAbdulaziz MohammedPrieš metus
  • What's the short clip of music that plays around 5:02?

    Adam WedderburnAdam WedderburnPrieš metus
  • 4:33 ...... I laughed so hard, I choked on my popsicle 🤣🤣

    Adélaïde NaiyaleenAdélaïde NaiyaleenPrieš metus
  • I'm back here again fuck bois because Scarra uploaded a hard af carry video on j4 and he killed someone with his ult by jumping on them and reminded me of this gem of a video with all the bowser shenanigans.

    Jordan WilbanksJordan WilbanksPrieš metus
  • Here's my switch friend code! SW-5007-4349-2610

    Liam BatesLiam BatesPrieš metus
  • Whoever did all of these sound effects deserves more money than they make.

    Hydra Splatling KingHydra Splatling KingPrieš metus
  • Zelda looks different

    jobriq5jobriq5Prieš metus
  • i love you man, you are awesome :v

    zaire santiago moreno martinezzaire santiago moreno martinezPrieš metus
  • What's the song in the outro?

    Angel RamirezAngel RamirezPrieš metus
  • I dont get the "I wanna be horny let's go green" joke. Can someone explain it to me please?

    TheMinecraftDreamerTheMinecraftDreamerPrieš metus
  • Funny shit😂

    Armando LopezArmando LopezPrieš metus
  • This was so damn funny

    Matthew CorkumMatthew CorkumPrieš metus
  • Its funny how nithin is so bad that rr is almost playing 1vs3 half of the time

    ToreoleToreolePrieš metus
  • I for one love the editing on this video.

    VeqxVeqxPrieš metus
  • quick question...why use sonic music with mac and not punch out music?

    NyanDiamondNyanDiamondPrieš metus
  • you MIGHT be bad at some games, but smash bros? you SSSSSSSSSSSSSSUCK!

    David ZieglerDavid ZieglerPrieš metus
  • It was really difficult to follow. Too much editing and close up, I had no idea what was going on the entire time.

    PhaenyxPhaenyxPrieš metus
  • 267

    Jay CuddyJay CuddyPrieš metus
  • I don't know why, but this is like the fourth Magikarpusefly video that won't work on audio for chrome, but Edge is just fine...

    JargonJargonPrieš metus
  • We want more champion spotlight

    Cx13Cx13Prieš metus
  • All these people complaining about sound effects and bein' hard to follow. It's Smash bros. Once you throw in 3 or more people it gets chaotic. Just be glad items weren't on. It's meant to be a mess; the competitive "Fox, final destination, no items" Is not the original intention of the game. But you know, not being able to follow it could also be related to getting too old 'n your reflexes just aren't what they once were. Happens.

    Corwin HackettCorwin HackettPrieš metus
  • when nithin kod demeki i cried

    PRESENT: لَياناPRESENT: لَياناPrieš metus
  • F

    iamcinderiamcinderPrieš metus

    Cameron SharpCameron SharpPrieš metus
  • Outro song?

    Ra-ra-Rasputin _Ra-ra-Rasputin _Prieš metus
  • This makes up for the last two videos

    Soul073Soul073Prieš metus
  • Where's sans?

    leninja azuladoleninja azuladoPrieš metus
  • i do not understand anything

    KeyzerKeyzerPrieš metus

    Jacob SchmitzJacob SchmitzPrieš metus
  • At 4:54 on mobile the sunglasses thing on the bottom right of the screen makes it look like zelda has them on

    BoopBoopPrieš metus
  • Still don’t understand shit about Smash. Whats the point of having percentages (I dont even know if its health) if you only lose a life if you fall off the map

    Tiago MaiaTiago MaiaPrieš metus
    • Galaxy brain right here

      King K.I.DKing K.I.DPrieš metus
  • The entire video..... I didn't know what the fuck was going on.

    wal ruswal rusPrieš metus
  • Love how tons of people who typically play other games are making Smash videos at least for a week or so. One big Smash Bros celebration.

    00Clank00ClankPrieš metus
  • Is yakko's name Daryl? Cuz who the fuck is Daryl?

    Matthew BandersnatchMatthew BandersnatchPrieš metus
  • Why don't You play brawlhalla

    antoantoPrieš metus
  • there's a GoFundMe for getting a new riot balance team, y'all should join the wave

    Kevin PokemasterKevin PokemasterPrieš metus
  • I love the editing of this Video. Cant Stop laughing XDD

    3112army3112armyPrieš metus
  • That sound effects for Sonic slapping people with the neutral special is gold

    TannarTannarPrieš metus
  • I like the edits, good job 👍

    NicozcoolNicozcoolPrieš metus
  • Why is it with other games people are ok with these edits, but a bunch of comments I've read don't like it this time around.

    NicozcoolNicozcoolPrieš metus
    • @Nicozcool Full disclosure, I haven't even heard of them. But I'll check out if you recommend them for sure

      Zak KZak KPrieš metus
    • Zak K oh really? You haven't seen his stick fight or lethal league videos?

      NicozcoolNicozcoolPrieš metus
    • I don't often watch other videos with edits like this, so coming to this one was a bit of a jarring experience :)

      Zak KZak KPrieš metus
  • jesus im a minute in and there has been like 100 added anime sound effects i think you went way overboard on those

    Goudan'uffGoudan'uffPrieš metus
  • i can't see anything happening

    solayman saadisolayman saadiPrieš metus
  • I understood the Pillow Fight tekken game shit he played before more than I understood the combat in this video

    Matthew MedinaMatthew MedinaPrieš metus
  • H E L L O M O T H E R F U C K E R S (I instantly died irl)

    Matthew MedinaMatthew MedinaPrieš metus
  • I found this rather hard to follow, I think it might be easier to follow if everyone had their own name to make it easier to attempt to track people. Sometimes one person would say something, but it'd zoom on a different character at the same time, so it was somewhat hard to tell who was who sometimes. I still got an ok amount of enjoyment from the video, but just offering some feedback I guess.

    TommomomomoTommomomomoPrieš metus
  • detarune ?!!!!!?!?!

    Just MoodyJust MoodyPrieš metus
  • Why are you buffoons playing with team attack on

    PokemichaelPokemichaelPrieš metus
  • Deer god I haven’t laughed like that in a hot minute. Thanks xD

    XxHikidashixXXxHikidashixXPrieš metus

    James GuytonJames GuytonPrieš metus
  • Where mai solja boi vid

    sLamsLamPrieš metus
  • RIP Tristan, gone but never forgotten. May he reunite with the rest of the Karpcrew in hell.

    Povi!Povi!Prieš metus
  • Honest feedback here, I thought the edit made the video really hard to watch. There’s already a bit to focus on but the constant zoom-ins and loud sound effects make it really challenging to actually focus on the game itself and listen to what they’re saying. Smash is fast paced, I just feel the edit made it even faster, hence harder to follow.

    Zak KZak KPrieš metus
    • Bro when you want a following "normal" game play watch other LTworldsr

      Fruwulin 69Fruwulin 69Prieš metus
    • @XrosG4mer The problem is that you cannot understand very well what is happening because of the increased pace. You just know that shit is going on and that they are killing each other and you need to go back several times to figure out who killed who and how. Having to pay attention to these on top of what they are saying makes keeping up with what is happening exhausting and unfun.

      Victor Hugo de Freitas CunhaVictor Hugo de Freitas CunhaPrieš metus
    • you're here to watch the gameplay??? i'm here to laugh... if u want gameplay search this "Smash Bros Ultimate Competition"

      XrosG4merXrosG4merPrieš metus
  • I couldn't tell wtf was going on at any point in the video I fucking loved it

    TunafishTunafishPrieš metus
  • yay ROB rep

    touch th dogtouch th dogPrieš metus
  • Awesome video man!

    B O IB O IPrieš metus
  • This was a much better smash video than the last one because he was actually enjoying his time playing the game. I'm not saying that he's not allowed to not enjoy the game, but his last video would have worked much better as a critique video of the game rather than a gameplay video.

    JohnnyFuzz1994JohnnyFuzz1994Prieš metus
  • This video was great! Good job matt!

    MindlessMindlessPrieš metus
  • Yo the editing was lit

    Kasimir de LatailladeKasimir de LatailladePrieš metus
  • imagine getting jumped by 4 smash players and they say take his stock

    ShakruulShakruulPrieš metus
  • Im pretty sure im the only one who doesnt enjoy smash

    Darkness DashDarkness DashPrieš metus
    • same

      Andrei PetreusAndrei PetreusPrieš metus
  • Yeeet

    Nagib MahfuzNagib MahfuzPrieš metus
  • What a great game! 10/10 would like more Epilepsy stimulator

    Carolina NelmidaCarolina NelmidaPrieš metus
  • Mfw the zooming in editing makes it more confusing Where do I even look

    Mr SauceMr SaucePrieš metus
  • "I see," said the blind man, pissing into the wind. "It is all coming back to me now."

    GoobGoobPrieš metus
  • Isn't RedRiot Kirishima?

    DarkDylan10DarkDylan10Prieš metus
  • just a lonely rob main sitting in the comments...

    Luke ChapmanLuke ChapmanPrieš metus
  • just realized... SONIC IS BALL BOYS

    FrikFrikPrieš metus
  • Always makes me laugh XD

    Zindred KindredZindred KindredPrieš metus
  • Tbh I was watching his guitar hero player on LTworlds named açai and he looks like he could be ur brother

    phoenix leeson-boothphoenix leeson-boothPrieš metus
  • why is the audio in his last couple of videos fucked for me i just cant hear shit unless i turn up the volume to max and even then everything sounds far away and muffled

    Ryan HummelRyan HummelPrieš metus
  • pp trdolyou@

    SolarMothSolarMothPrieš metus
  • Justin y where are u

    Nguyen Ky LamNguyen Ky LamPrieš metus
  • What? People actually play with friendly fire on???

    Juan Carlos AlvarezJuan Carlos AlvarezPrieš metus
    • Juan Antonio Tellez Becerra didn't know that, thanks

      Juan Carlos AlvarezJuan Carlos AlvarezPrieš metus
    • Thats how competitive 2v2 works

      Juan Antonio Tellez BecerraJuan Antonio Tellez BecerraPrieš metus
  • ill be sure to use that sonic strategy against all my friends

    Moth MouseMoth MousePrieš metus
  • theres Andrew with that great editing

    FelixFelixPrieš metus
  • Love over edited shit like this

    vulfexvulfexPrieš metus
  • I tried to find faults in this video. But, ya see, I just couldn't find Nithin wrong with it.

    GrimmBonesGrimmBonesPrieš metus

    ZeruketsukaZeruketsukaPrieš metus
  • I want more smash videos

    Afonso NabaisAfonso NabaisPrieš metus
  • The extra sound effects are really not my fave tbh. Little too much

    DepresseanDepresseanPrieš metus
  • You can't just cut the video after "but that's just one Sonic".

    ddchrwddchrwPrieš metus
  • Playing Smash? The game dunkey beat sky in? tisk tisk, once a copy always a copy

    WakkaWakkaGamingWakkaWakkaGamingPrieš metus
  • This game like all the others just looks like a B I G F U C C

    AvariceAvaricePrieš metus
  • Tactical Suicide is Bowser’s BEST move 👌

    ZelltaZelltaPrieš metus
  • I never played any smash games. So it is kinda hard to follow what is going on.

    Jay MonJay MonPrieš metus
  • Why would you hand Yakko the power of his spirit animal Matt?

    Autrix91Autrix91Prieš metus
  • Shoulda picked the elf.

    Sano The Desert WandererSano The Desert WandererPrieš metus
  • Isabelle can capture lightning from pikachu which makes her stronger since she then becomes Zeus for a couple of frames which means shes top tier.

    ReZisT LustReZisT LustPrieš metus
  • "OH IM STILL ALIVE" fcking lost it

    Wicketman2Wicketman2Prieš metus
  • 4:30 I hate the map, with the gigantic pee pee bag in the background

    MeckitorMeckitorPrieš metus
  • More SMASH

    Aiman AzlanAiman AzlanPrieš metus
  • Yakkocmn is the funniest

    D ND NPrieš metus
  • We need orpheusftw to return damnit.

    killertrip10killertrip10Prieš metus
  • DO A CHAMP SPOTLIGHT ON ULTIMATE CHAMPS!!!! You might enjoy a refresher on something you enjoy?

    Skidly dong dong dong dyeSkidly dong dong dong dyePrieš metus
  • Kirby players eat crayons therefore yakko eats crayons

    Kangy _Kangy _Prieš metus