Stupid Boy Attacks His Father Yet Again | Hades 2

4 Lap 2020
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) BE A BRO AND OPEN THE FOLD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
edited by TakenHades
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  • yeah bow kinda sucks with mouse and keyboard

    wolfVFVwolfVFVPrieš 4 dienas
  • Ganer

    Conor HowlandConor HowlandPrieš 7 dienų
  • Nice fortnite big pot XD

    james Kimballjames KimballPrieš 18 dienų
  • Hahah... she's called 'Dusa' because she's Medusa's sliced off head. That's great

    Patrick MaPatrick MaPrieš 18 dienų

    tom mullentom mullenPrieš 18 dienų
  • Watches matt play Hades learns about the weapon upgrades with him

    FuzzymunchkinFuzzymunchkinPrieš 18 dienų
  • Pro tip for real gamers Get a wired xbox controller.

    MagGunDO17MagGunDO17Prieš 19 dienų
  • The music choice, even the fucking battle revolution tunes had me so psyched

    Dan ThompsonDan ThompsonPrieš 19 dienų
  • Engagemeny!

    Cody BaumanCody BaumanPrieš 20 dienų
  • Me who loves the bow especially with aspect of Hera.

    RmhRmhPrieš 20 dienų

    James BJames BPrieš 20 dienų
  • more

    Marek BodišMarek BodišPrieš 20 dienų
  • Cant wait for shield hero next season

    Hugo RosilloHugo RosilloPrieš 20 dienų
  • Matt gave me heart attack twice with the blue screen with that f*ckin sad face.

    weirdyyy 00weirdyyy 00Prieš 20 dienų
  • Matt can you try wizard of legend i think its a good game... Just check it out

    Vukašin VujićVukašin VujićPrieš 20 dienų
  • underworld kratos lol

    Dimitar MoonshadowDimitar MoonshadowPrieš 20 dienų
  • 0:23 to 0:30 varus.exe

    SpooktonSpooktonPrieš 20 dienų
  • If you're far enough from Meg when she does her projectile spam you can just hit/shoot (except for one weapon) the projectiles. You don't need any of Athena's boons to be able to destroy them, you just wont deflect it back at her.

    Lorenz ManalastasLorenz ManalastasPrieš 20 dienų
  • Ha, I just got the outro, MagikarpUsedFly, but it doesn't fly anymore.... I've been subscribed to this channel for at least 3 years or more...

    LeSketchBanditoLeSketchBanditoPrieš 21 dieną
  • Is he not playing with controller? Its soo much better

    Joseph LambJoseph LambPrieš 21 dieną
  • Bababooey

    Matt WattsMatt WattsPrieš 21 dieną
  • Every time you skip dialogue it hurts my soul, talk to everyone you can get nice things

    josue riverajosue riveraPrieš 21 dieną
  • You are playing with a controller right? As its hard af without?

    SuperSatanXDSuperSatanXDPrieš 21 dieną
  • stop skipping the dialogue pleaseeeeeee jesus i hope you see these comments

    odin dankodin dankPrieš 21 dieną
  • Don't know if you've seen the mrror yet and the fact that you can upgrade the mirror and get new abilities. Just sayin'

    ehampus94ehampus94Prieš 21 dieną

    moup !moup !Prieš 21 dieną
  • I bet if Matt used a controller he'd actually do pretty well.

    timdood3timdood3Prieš 21 dieną
  • wow u still make vids damn....... is LOL a game you play or still make vids of ?

    Superspooks69Superspooks69Prieš 21 dieną
  • I know this random af and my comment will likely be lost in oblivion but under the extremely low chance u actually see this; please give the diablo 2 median xl mod a try. Absolute gem, can’t believe there’s so much support for a classic, it’s such a versatile overhaul, think you could make some fun builds / videos from it, despite the dated graphics, gameplay still holds up !!

    Glazed-God GamingGlazed-God GamingPrieš 21 dieną
  • Matt you crack. me. UP.

    Just NomJust NomPrieš 21 dieną
  • play with controller, 100000x better

    joking gnikojjoking gnikojPrieš 21 dieną
  • Matt realising the godmode that is shield

    Le KoeLe KoePrieš 21 dieną
  • Hades 2 - The Clickbait Lol

    Hippity HoppityHippity HoppityPrieš 21 dieną
  • I use M&K and honestly the rail performs so much better than controller it's ridiculous. Being able to aim your bombs is huge. Dash attack cancels are hard to pull off with M&K though because two input directions means there's a delay compared with controller auto lock, only weapon where this is mitigated is the bow because attacks are charged, so you dash towards the cursor while clicking attack to prime the charge, then redirect before release. Dash attacks on bow charge substantially faster, I don't know if that was an intended mechanic or just that the dash cancels out the opening frames of the charge attack, but it's very effective. My personal favorites are The Aspect of Eris (rail) for the crazy damage buff that is basically permanent and makes you a nightmare at close quarters with AOE splash damage on boons and hammers, and The Aspect of Chiron because the focused special makes shredding big targets so easy. You want a weapon/boon combo that synergizes with repeatedly dashing though, particularly to get behind opponents, because that becomes a large problem in Elysium's boss room. Athena's dash is generally S tier as a standalone, but comboing Poseiden dash or Zeus dash with their respective enhancement boons is also very good at clearing out creeps fast. I have 50+ hours now. Might hit 80+ after the weekend is over. It feels like league without the toxicity, even though the game is the same and you're playing off of the same map and objectives every time, every game still feels unique and different. Supergiant really deserves credit there, they added RNG and decision making to a game that makes it feel on par with multiplayer experiences in terms of variance.

    shadowlink dthshadowlink dthPrieš 21 dieną
  • Use and max chiron aspect on the bow. Thank me later.

    BlendedBlendedPrieš 21 dieną
  • Please stop skipping the dialogue, it hurts : ^)

    EkE 47EkE 47Prieš 22 dienas
  • I want the full song list used in this vídeo.

    RikkimonRikkimonPrieš 22 dienas
  • I loved the Pokémon battle revolution music in the background

    DevonPenn04DevonPenn04Prieš 22 dienas

    Kryston FarrellKryston FarrellPrieš 22 dienas
  • Captain America defeats Hydra?

    DoodleDoodlePrieš 22 dienas
  • Can you do a warzone gameplay bruh! Shoutouts from guam! Much love brotha!

    SSGSS LinkusSSGSS LinkusPrieš 22 dienas
  • Silly Matt, 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖊 𝖎𝖘 𝖓𝖔 𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖕𝖊..

    Joey CarrellJoey CarrellPrieš 22 dienas
  • Hm, I wonder why the bow and the gun are akward to shoot for Matt. I love you boi but please ditch the razer joistick hand thingy.

    Martin AndreiMartin AndreiPrieš 22 dienas
  • who wants to tell him the arrows have lock on...

    txgamer1txgamer1Prieš 22 dienas
  • what's the music that starts playing at 7:15 ?

    aethrnalaethrnalPrieš 22 dienas
  • I wonder if this one is gonna be as over edited as the last one...

    Donovan BoddyDonovan BoddyPrieš 22 dienas
    • 30 secs in.... not going well...

      Donovan BoddyDonovan BoddyPrieš 22 dienas
  • „The arrow sucks“ So I have only managed to reach the final boss with the arrows xD

    MasketMasketPrieš 22 dienas
  • You should try playing it with a controller. For me it works better

    sesses78sesses78Prieš 22 dienas
  • Matt is so similar to Naringto's editing

    WingedIncubusWingedIncubusPrieš 22 dienas
  • So happy to see more hades content this game is so goood

    John PlattJohn PlattPrieš 22 dienas

    Nehemiah_ NCCNehemiah_ NCCPrieš 22 dienas
  • starting to like this editor ngl

    Emmanuel RebanalEmmanuel RebanalPrieš 22 dienas
  • You can upgrade Stat in your bed room u go to mirror

    kritapat vetparsatpornkritapat vetparsatpornPrieš 22 dienas
  • I thought my depressed boi just wasn't posting content anymore, but turns out LTworlds wasn't tossing it into my recommended. Time to binge watch this guy just being a dude.

    HuntataHuntataPrieš 22 dienas
  • Matt i think you forgort Nyx

    Thomas UimonenThomas UimonenPrieš 22 dienas
  • Arrows don't suck if you can aim matt lol

    Gaz BlackheartGaz BlackheartPrieš 22 dienas

    ZkiawhoZkiawhoPrieš 22 dienas
  • TakenHades is an underrated editor. hes so good

    Fear TFGFear TFGPrieš 22 dienas
  • Want to finish the game in easy mode, play shield, the shield is bronken

    John FanboyJohn FanboyPrieš 22 dienas
  • Every time you skip the dialog or don't talk to the npc when they have an exclamation mark on their head or don't click on the glowing orbs that trigger the narrator saying something it pains me.

    Rithwik NandyRithwik NandyPrieš 22 dienas
  • bruh how you get your custom made magikarp red, water cooled computer you got for free to blue screen while playing Hades??? also use an Xbox controller your fighting and reaction time will go so much faster just spam A + X or Y and use the keys to upgrade your mirror damn it!!!

    uzimakikinguzimakikingPrieš 22 dienas
  • What's the matter son? Took your dying pills today?

    Swiggity SwoogitySwiggity SwoogityPrieš 22 dienas
  • Loving the Pokemon Battle Revolution music.

    bookofnonsensebookofnonsensePrieš 22 dienas
  • This feels like the Chronicles of Krimpus Perineum all over again

    Why are we still here?Why are we still here?Prieš 22 dienas
  • The Kazoo Kid saying "HI" made me spit White Claw

    David DobarganesDavid DobarganesPrieš 22 dienas
  • Wait doesn't the bow have aim assist by default? It's special is one of the most powerful attacks in the game if you shotgun them from behind

    MisterProcrastinateMisterProcrastinatePrieš 22 dienas
  • Those videos are so good, keep em coming pls

    Xavier DupuisXavier DupuisPrieš 22 dienas
  • Why do I hear I’m back in the soup every time he dies

    oscar.oscar.Prieš 22 dienas
  • Please for the love of god play this on a controller you're hurting me by playing this with a keyboard

    Red Shift ProductionsRed Shift ProductionsPrieš 22 dienas
  • He'd have better luck using dash to cancel his charged shot on the bow, instead of hitting them separately.

    SedatedBladeSedatedBladePrieš 22 dienas
  • Matt, I love that you're playing Hades, but bro, please. Talk to the people. Talk to the NPCs. Stop skipping their dialogue. You're killing me. Please, talk to them. YOU CAN ROMANCE MEG AND THAN PLEASE I SWEAR IT'S WORTH IT.

    Mason MMason MPrieš 22 dienas
  • @WhoeverTheFuckRunsThisChannel Moar.

    potterinhe11potterinhe11Prieš 22 dienas
  • Just gonna copy and paste this again: I'd personally actually like a less edited version of this playthrough. Maybe that's just me though, it's just kinda shit to watch without knowing what he has. I'm just looking at different jump cuts and zooms of random attempts every second without any context. In some games that works, but here it doesn't IMO.

    Anthony !Anthony !Prieš 22 dienas
    • I agree! the dialog is so good in this game buts its hard to follow what's going on sometimes. I'd be down for a second channel with unedited playthroughs

      Your Average MattYour Average MattPrieš 17 dienų
    • @Caré Pot Yep, way too many

      Anthony !Anthony !Prieš 21 dieną
    • @Bryd Yeah, just hope he reads this and changes it for the better. Or uploads the raw playthrough on his second channel or whatever so I can watch that as well/instead

      Anthony !Anthony !Prieš 21 dieną
    • many freaking zoom in-zoom outs

      Caré PotCaré PotPrieš 21 dieną
    • It's not only you, I think the editors are trying too hard to be up to Matt's standard but following the video gets hard with so many memes per second and jump cuts

      Caré PotCaré PotPrieš 21 dieną
  • Matt: 'the gun is so weak...' Speedrunners: 'Eris aspect go brrrrr'

    L4r90L4r90Prieš 22 dienas
    • It takes some people a while to realize weapon upgrades are important.

      lProN00bllProN00blPrieš 14 dienų
  • Lul keyboard and mouse

    Darkness DashDarkness DashPrieš 22 dienas
  • This game look hella nice for a game published in 1999

    Kulios WKulios WPrieš 22 dienas
  • Cant wait for him to take at least 2 episodes trying to get past thornstein and smoughsterius

    Dagon DarkDagon DarkPrieš 22 dienas
  • I wonder when is he gonna find out that Coronacht is the best weapon in the game

    Victor A. GomesVictor A. GomesPrieš 22 dienas
  • for Matt to play this with one hand is really impressive not gonna lie

    carlo bergadocarlo bergadoPrieš 22 dienas
  • Talk with characters with exclamation marks FFS it hurts my eyes

    Gelius SunfacedGelius SunfacedPrieš 22 dienas
  • That pokemon colosseum music is such a bop

    Robert MRobert MPrieš 22 dienas
  • Theme at 3:39?

    Neil DigheNeil DighePrieš 22 dienas
  • Please keep the Hades videos coming! This game has absorbed my life, I need more

    Ernesto G ValdésErnesto G ValdésPrieš 22 dienas
  • think of the gun as a weapon for delivering a lot of on hit effects, it's great with zeus, dionysus, and demeter for example, also the grenade launcher special is wonderful for pairing with things like posidon or ares

    FlailmorphoFlailmorphoPrieš 22 dienas
  • You have to use the RedRiot gamer move called "this Is NOT the run" and you will succeed in the completion of the run

    NosbukNosbukPrieš 22 dienas
  • The arrow was my least favorite until it was the first weapon I beat hades with, I got the autofire daedulus upgrade and doom on my attack

    Donz SteeleDonz SteelePrieš 22 dienas
  • Every time an American encounters a problem: "Now,I have a gun."

    Floris CehanFloris CehanPrieš 22 dienas
    • I started blasting.

      Patric GarganianPatric GarganianPrieš 20 dienų
  • That zinnia theme when fighting meg nice

    Xder RodeckiXder RodeckiPrieš 22 dienas
  • Shoulda played it on Switch. Bow locks onto enemies and does mad good damage if you time the powershot. Also my Switch hasn't bluescreened on me.

    Coec_15324Coec_15324Prieš 22 dienas
    • @MasterOfMelons Based on this one LTworldsr I was watchin', he was complaining about how hard to aim the bow was and he was playing PC, so I made a guess : v)

      Coec_15324Coec_15324Prieš 21 dieną
    • it locks onto people on pc too bud. :)

      MasterOfMelonsMasterOfMelonsPrieš 22 dienas
  • Jesus Christ! This much constant editing is giving me a seizure! Matt is naturally funny and doesn't need flashy spastic memey edits every 3 seconds. I can't think of anyone above the age of 16 enjoying this style

    jordan de baasjordan de baasPrieš 22 dienas
  • Eyyy

    Soner sonSoner sonPrieš 22 dienas
  • By the way with the bow when the arrow flashes white and you let go right in that half second window it counts as a power shot and does more damage, and your dash makes the wind up shorter.

    Just HakuJust HakuPrieš 22 dienas

    Afonso NabaisAfonso NabaisPrieš 22 dienas
  • I know that this is probably recorded a while back, but you should definitely be playing this game with a controller.

    Razeluxe01Razeluxe01Prieš 22 dienas
    • I completed it with a keyboard lol

      Luc BeckLuc BeckPrieš 22 dienas
  • Use a fucking controller, the game says that in the main menu

    Gabriele BrasolinGabriele BrasolinPrieš 22 dienas
  • yeah, i mean i guess

    Golden VipertoothGolden VipertoothPrieš 22 dienas
  • Use a CONTROLLER you absolute *BRUH*

    3: 30AM3: 30AMPrieš 22 dienas
  • Isn't Alecto fun to play with? :) . . . . :)

    Piotr SzewczukPiotr SzewczukPrieš 22 dienas
  • Can't wait till Matt finds the Daedalus hammer upgrade that give homing bullets or infinite 3 round burst bullets :>

    Jobert BercasioJobert BercasioPrieš 22 dienas
  • dude stop skipping the dialogue, that's like one of the three biggest selling points of this game.

    EvilGrinNolEvilGrinNolPrieš 22 dienas