Spider-Man ACTUAL Game Spotlight

17 Rgs 2018
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  • That was the best intro I’ve ever seen

    JoelJoestarJoelJoestarPrieš 26 dienų
  • big ass dunkey clone, ironically 8 days after his spider-man video

    Derek The SeagullDerek The SeagullPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • No.. This might be god

    kripperinostealsyourmemeserinokripperinostealsyourmemeserinoPrieš 5 mėnesių
  • Now.... Imagine this spiderman was in the spider verse film....

    Pace MakerPace MakerPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Stop doing crime Bang bang bang There we go

    JoelJoestarJoelJoestarPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • It's a wifi crane lmao

    jz 684jz 684Prieš metus
  • takes off spider-man mask and reveals he's wearing a deadpool mask. top 10 anime plot twists

    alec christiaenalec christiaenPrieš metus
    • also, i played spider-man 2 for the ps2, and have good childhood memories from it (black cat came out of nowhere though), and i feel that the PS4 game aged up the ps2 game to the present. cool swing mechanics, free roaming, collectibles, levels and unlockable moves. the new game basically took the old one as a baseline and then made it an awesome game for 2018

      alec christiaenalec christiaenPrieš metus
  • We need these back

    Nagib MahfuzNagib MahfuzPrieš metus
  • Matt bought a green screen and was like, "oh ya. This could be fun."

    Gabe GillespieGabe GillespiePrieš metus
  • Matt: "Sorry LTworlds, looks like you're *shoots gun* getting copy striked."

    Gabriel SilvestreGabriel SilvestrePrieš metus
  • I HAVE THE POWER OF GOD! my favorite sub sound

    Dr. AnonymousDr. AnonymousPrieš metus
  • holy shit the first 54 seconds is pure gold xD

    Evan WheelerEvan WheelerPrieš metus
  • Duds u lost weight

    cris romerocris romeroPrieš metus
  • Ok that was weird, a spiderman themed oreo ad was up before the video

    Scarlet Psycho WolfScarlet Psycho WolfPrieš metus
  • *It's pizza time*

    Mr. RadiatorMr. RadiatorPrieš metus
  • Legend says the chubby spiderman was arrested for gunshot noise effect abuse.

    Mr. mysteryMr. mysteryPrieš metus
  • Dunkey is proud.

    LeBronIsOverratedLeBronIsOverratedPrieš metus
  • When Ned tries to be Spider-Man.

    LeBronIsOverratedLeBronIsOverratedPrieš metus
  • that intro is perfection

    Alex NeufeldAlex NeufeldPrieš metus
  • Spider-Matt

    GrinddadGrinddadPrieš metus
  • This game was great but the combat camera is at least a decade behind other action games and the swinging is smooth and fun but it's only holding r2 the PS2 version had more specific options. This game deserves praise but if we don't make an issue of the very basic options in swinging and poor camera lock on and over all sight then they will never feel they have to improve. Please make note vocally so our Spiderman sequel isn't just more of the same but a sequel to sequel improvement. And of course the puzzles and side characters are ass but I'm sure Sony/insomniac know that themselves

    jg pliskinjg pliskinPrieš metus
  • Need more of this

    Interdimensional SkirmisherInterdimensional SkirmisherPrieš metus
  • "STOPPING TASKMASTER" fuck I read that as taxmaster...

    Evering HallEvering HallPrieš metus
  • spiderman takes off mask "YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SPIDER-MAN, BUT KONO DEADPOOL DA"

    Evering HallEvering HallPrieš metus
  • Song? 0:01

    BallsDeep_69BallsDeep_69Prieš metus
  • I played spider-man: box of needles. He's my favorite heroin. Do you have any spare change? I just really need to play some more...

    John ForniJohn ForniPrieš metus
  • since when did matt start vaping?

    Mikeg73Mikeg73Prieš metus
  • F E E L

    King RaboomaKing RaboomaPrieš metus
  • "Copy the processors code wirelessly"... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???????????

    Locane256Locane256Prieš metus
  • One of the big appeals to the earlier Spiderman games was that this was around the time that you got a 3d Grand Theft Auto and although you arent beating/screwing/killing anyone that comes across your path, that kind of large environment that had you go towards waypoints in a city layout was similar enough that those who wanted a more "palatable" game could choose Spiderman and still violently and normally fatally strike enemies or just throw them off buildings/in water, what have you.

    Abel MayfairAbel MayfairPrieš metus
  • iDubbbz? is that you dad?

    sᶣᵞᵓᶜᵕᵇᵕssᶣᵞᵓᶜᵕᵇᵕsPrieš metus
  • I noticed that during à combat mission, each time I died, each time the vilain's hit inflicted less and less damage

    KytetigerKytetigerPrieš metus
  • "Stahp doin' crime" :D

    mert fevzi Devecimert fevzi DeveciPrieš 2 metus
  • 3 words.Spiderman shattered dimensions.

    Goro ChanGoro ChanPrieš 2 metus
  • OORRRRRRRRRR I can go play as Alex Mercer in Prototype and do all those things AND eat people and wear their skin.

    Sol ZaerSol ZaerPrieš 2 metus
  • Every time I watch one of your videos now I think of this one. Hope you had fun making it cause it is awesome.

    Rob B-LRob B-LPrieš 2 metus
  • whats the background song at the start

    DTDTPrieš 2 metus
  • I subscribe for the outro elevator music.

    GravityGravityPrieš 2 metus
  • I see this game as basically Marvel's attempt at doing what the Batman Arkham series did which isn't bad by any means and they pulled it off really fucking well but I still see it as kinda the same thing

    The SunThe SunPrieš 2 metus
  • Where did you get that dope ass spiderman costume

    Sal CamachoSal CamachoPrieš 2 metus
  • Am i the only one who instantly think of tahm kench when i look at matt's "beard"

    Martin Krogh AndersenMartin Krogh AndersenPrieš 2 metus
  • What is this

    HyrusHyrusPrieš 2 metus
  • why can't you use instant kill mode?

    vsdnkjfhviusdg hjkadsfydfvsdnkjfhviusdg hjkadsfydfPrieš 2 metus
  • What is the song called you used in your crappy intro

    Sergeant_BUCKETSergeant_BUCKETPrieš 2 metus
  • Do a review about candy man

    Ender _467Ender _467Prieš 2 metus
  • No monetization for you buddy

    S P A G H E TS P A G H E TPrieš 2 metus
  • okay, *_this is america_*

    Abdo TabzkikAbdo TabzkikPrieš 2 metus
  • oh please, its "MARVEL'S SpiderMan", its original you see

    John .V.John .V.Prieš 2 metus
  • the dunkey copy is strong within this one

    apopstolis tsantakisapopstolis tsantakisPrieš 2 metus
  • watch out Thanos

    Elias SilversElias SilversPrieš 2 metus
  • FEEL

    Animeweeb2000Animeweeb2000Prieš 2 metus
  • Do u not respekt the countless lives lost to gun violence shame on u

    RushieRushiePrieš 2 metus
  • can you post a copy of your script so that i can use it as a review. I'm not gonna play the game but my class wants me to write about the game as homework so

    Isaiah QuineneIsaiah QuinenePrieš 2 metus
  • “You could probably get done with the game in about 10 to 15 hours” -MagikarpUsedFly 2018

    Lil Swifty YTPsLil Swifty YTPsPrieš 2 metus
  • Damn the intro is perfect for a channel called *themattcastro*

    Lumpy FutureLumpy FuturePrieš 2 metus
  • ey matt summon that persona

    StormEvokerStormEvokerPrieš 2 metus
  • im having so much fun with the swinging u dont have only R2 and x, if that s ur way to do it then ye, it s boring

    Radu NarurutoRadu NarurutoPrieš 2 metus
  • donald trump commercials in your videos lol ripp

    shawn friesshawn friesPrieš 2 metus
  • No mention of Japanese live action Spiderman who rides a motorbike? -dislike- loljk

    BismarckBismarckPrieš 2 metus

    Jonny TestJonny TestPrieš 2 metus
  • magikarp with a gun gives me life

    Look Behind YouLook Behind YouPrieš 2 metus
  • 7:31 I died

    Dark cigareDark cigarePrieš 2 metus
  • Lmao!!!

    Chue VangChue VangPrieš 2 metus
  • i love it

    Oscar Gasparini BrangeOscar Gasparini BrangePrieš 2 metus
  • Love this video, keep up the good work.

    Antonio B. ChairezAntonio B. ChairezPrieš 2 metus
  • This becoming a game review chan? Awesome, I say aye.

    toppletopplePrieš 2 metus
  • So I was watching this video when a midroll add came on for pubg mobile. And I thought to myself what if you could be spider gun in pubg.

    Nightfire56Nightfire56Prieš 2 metus
  • I'm sorry when did Karp start to actually try and review games instead of just making stupid shit? Lol.

    LazyBunnyzLazyBunnyzPrieš 2 metus
  • What's the point of any spiderman game? . . . Swing around New York city like fucking spider man. . . . That's bout it lol.

    LazyBunnyzLazyBunnyzPrieš 2 metus
  • I’ve been watching your videos for years and I can confidently say, this ties the gangplank champion spotlight as my favorite

    joey kauffmanjoey kauffmanPrieš 2 metus

    TRIFUNTRIFUNPrieš 2 metus
  • Tom Holland, Toby McQuire, Andrew Garfield? NO! Matthew Castro is the best version of Spiderman yet. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Kool-aid manKool-aid manPrieš 2 metus
  • It really is MARVELlous

    Samuel VillezSamuel VillezPrieš 2 metus
  • Big Bulgy Boi 0:36

    DracianDracianPrieš 2 metus
  • Well, at least Mary Jane has a nice ass. That would be enough for me to push through her parts.

    Adonan the StoicAdonan the StoicPrieš 2 metus
  • At 1:30 was the perfect time to insert the video of Spiderman slapping Spiderman’s ass and I was going Dislike your video until I saw itat the end because it was the perfect set up

    Support CarrySupport CarryPrieš 2 metus
  • With the other words... This game is a new series like assassins creed now.

    Skrivni GospodSkrivni GospodPrieš 2 metus
  • 7:20 whats even more amazing is that the thug can carry a 100 pound cinderblock and throw it at spiderman with such velocity and accuracy

    SheepGoesMooSheepGoesMooPrieš 2 metus
  • Yo. You need some rest my man.

    MetalmineMetalminePrieš 2 metus
  • This game really makes you feel like batman.

    James BoyackJames BoyackPrieš 2 metus
  • play some sport for god sake

    Keough WhiteKeough WhitePrieš 2 metus
  • Spiderman with a gun is hilarious for some reason haha

    MrBrewboy785MrBrewboy785Prieš 2 metus
  • Matt's porn editor history is showing up in this video

    Edward P.Edward P.Prieš 2 metus
  • I don’t care how accurate the claim is, if I hear another review gush about how much this game makes you fucking *FEAL!* like Spider-Man I’m killing myself.

    El ChirpoEl ChirpoPrieš 2 metus

    knightknightPrieš 2 metus
  • This video has become a huge inside joke thank you

    Neosgx149savage LitNeosgx149savage LitPrieš 2 metus
  • youre the type of guy the real spiderman would web

    HentonyHentonyPrieš 2 metus
  • spider man memes are back, ohgodwhy

    EdzterEdzterPrieš 2 metus
  • I 4got the gun was fake 4 a min n was like "O he gunna shoot up the ceiling" XD

    J LoJ LoPrieš 2 metus
  • *feel * *feel* *feel* *feel* now give me likes bastards

    andrei max vincent m mendozaandrei max vincent m mendozaPrieš 2 metus
  • That a real gun only question i have

    Alfred Jose PullicarAlfred Jose PullicarPrieš 2 metus
  • High Quality Content

    Donut IzGoodDonut IzGoodPrieš 2 metus
  • First minute of the video....D E M O N E T I Z E D

    Kurumi TokisakiKurumi TokisakiPrieš 2 metus
  • *s T o P d O i N g C r I m E BANG BANG*

    C - MOONC - MOONPrieš 2 metus
  • You don’t make videos very frequently

    jared tuckerjared tuckerPrieš 2 metus
  • LMFAO my wife always calls Deadpool, Spider-man. She has been proven right

    panda taterspanda tatersPrieš 2 metus
  • Pizza time Please put the mask back on.

    Cooper TiffenCooper TiffenPrieš 2 metus
  • Oh hey dunkey!

    Mathi KannanMathi KannanPrieš 2 metus
  • I think that the actual title of the game is "Marvel's Spider-Man" not just Spider-Man

    Tyler BurlesonTyler BurlesonPrieš 2 metus
  • This game was better than any of the past couple shitty Spider-Man movies

    RepliesMutedRepliesMutedPrieš 2 metus