Goose Bois

3 Spa 2019
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  • What's the outro music?

    Daren MartinDaren MartinPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Boi ass I want to save me a seat with you the reason why I have no idea what I’m saying I have no idea what I’m saying I have no idea what I have today and gonna be in there is it is it with the way I will visit the did the did the did the did you say the weather with the weather blue little blue lead to Brizzie do you do you do you did you baby will you be there and did you Siri will do anything you want so you are where does your friend know so shut up right now boii

    ItzChocolate _NoobItzChocolate _NoobPrieš 7 mėnesių
  • Wow Matt, you really are ass at games

    Louis RiLouis RiPrieš metus
  • "do goose fly"?

    Dead PepperDead PepperPrieš metus
  • You guys made me laugh!

    Erin ClarkeErin ClarkePrieš metus
  • Bastard

    Oliver HolmOliver HolmPrieš metus
  • "The Legend of the Rack in the Lake" a true legend

    Laurentino JaimesLaurentino JaimesPrieš metus
  • 18:41 BOY someone needs to put some oil on that damn door

    EternalShadowEternalShadowPrieš metus
  • why 0 comments

    ScarletScarletPrieš metus
  • "Can I lawnmow this guy?" -Matt, 2019

    John SmithJohn SmithPrieš metus
  • Xd

    ゼルダゼルダPrieš metus
  • What’s the outro song called?

    Yannick BordissYannick BordissPrieš metus
  • i am waiting for ep 2 please make it happen

    Just MoodyJust MoodyPrieš metus
  • The whole time I was just waiting for the gardener to pull out a shot gun and shoot Matt in the face

    Jayden OramJayden OramPrieš metus
  • m o r e

    swordyshieldswordyshieldPrieš metus
  • What if he did kill the wife and then she reincarnated as the duck to exact revenge and thats why u needed the turtorial to know how to be goose. And the rest of the game u just terorize ppl who also did u wrong.

    Kurbads13Kurbads13Prieš metus
  • Game name!?

    Verònica •Verònica •Prieš metus
  • It would be cool if Matt played The Binding of Isaac lel.. Imagine him reacting to the demented items and story..

    BluwuBluwuPrieš metus
  • elbow block

    badger icebadger icePrieš metus
  • 18:43 So that's where Red Barrels got their sound effect for Outlast's night vision mode

    Mopey FGOMopey FGOPrieš metus
  • This is actually so funny play more please

    recherchérecherchéPrieš metus
  • If you ever play this on PC, bind *Honk* to the scroll wheel. Trust me.

    SilverPikachu7SilverPikachu7Prieš metus
  • Must see more of this game with you guys!

    rob drob dPrieš metus
  • i

    meTal_ qTmeTal_ qTPrieš metus
  • Dunkey copy

    xWhponderxxWhponderxPrieš metus
  • Full playthrough pls

    PantjayPantjayPrieš metus
  • I need the full game play lmao

    justhereeejusthereeePrieš metus
  • Donkey clone

    SplootchySplootchyPrieš metus
  • A Goose Learning How To Duck

    Luckynumber slevinLuckynumber slevinPrieš metus
  • You know it is games like these that make me mad that i dont have any money to support great devs like these

    william nebewilliam nebePrieš metus
  • Moooore of dis pleease soo good ^-^

    MystachiMystachiPrieš metus
  • You get to play as a goose and fuck with people Jesus this is the best game ever known to man

    Phazed X WizardPhazed X WizardPrieš metus
  • What unholy things must I do for you to give us a part 2?

    Broden GregoryBroden GregoryPrieš metus
  • What in the fuck is the sub to view ration Jesus

    Man MustardMan MustardPrieš metus
  • I played against someone in LOL called MagikarpUsedCut

    Trash PandaTrash PandaPrieš metus
  • Title should be: The Karp Crew torments an old man with Alzheimers

    Jonathan LinJonathan LinPrieš metus
  • Can we get more of this please

    Logan NorenLogan NorenPrieš metus
  • Wow hes so bad at playing this game.... It anoys me so much Well thats probably why he sucks at lol

    Marius NekazkaMarius NekazkaPrieš metus
  • *Goose:honks *Guys: haha so funny

    Piece - kunPiece - kunPrieš metus
  • Play Lol dipshit

    BruceBrucePrieš metus
  • complete the whole game and upload it all please !!

    manmanPrieš metus
  • is there going to be a part 2?

    LOL GSLOL GSPrieš metus
  • 21:52 they might not hear you but I do

    Big Willy WallyBig Willy WallyPrieš metus
  • wheb will the hootest monster tier list come ?

    Alexandru BanaruAlexandru BanaruPrieš metus
  • yasuo mains simulator

    thuylinh265 Vthuylinh265 VPrieš metus
  • Someone thinks he can step into ZeroLennys turf

    ucsealucsealPrieš metus
  • We need more of this shit

    CyanaxCyanaxPrieš metus
  • Frost+Matt+Yakko is the best combo.

    SaphirePumaSaphirePumaPrieš metus
  • Start it here 12:53 with this clip as the only audio (synch them by starting it and immidiately clicking the timestamp) Enjoy the best thing ever.

    Billy HatziBilly HatziPrieš metus

    Ibrahim KhanIbrahim KhanPrieš metus
  • I'm gonna need like a whole hour of this this is great please make this a thing

    Mr.Henry 76Mr.Henry 76Prieš metus
  • Moaarr

    TheNextMutationTheNextMutationPrieš metus
  • this is the comment section

    Aziz SheibaniAziz SheibaniPrieš metus
  • could you please try to play slime rancher? please

    Taavi LumisteTaavi LumistePrieš metus
  • god i love those videos with the karp crew

    KasydiKasydiPrieš metus
  • that moment when the GAME AND QUEST LOG says GROUNDSKEEPER and they keep calling him a FARMER XD

    Samus AranSamus AranPrieš metus
  • So wholesome Matt. More, please.

    Scott BristowScott BristowPrieš metus
  • This video made my night so much better and helped ease my anxiety a ton! Thank you!!

    Alice HuntAlice HuntPrieš metus
  • Play another one

    Jotaro MalupetJotaro MalupetPrieš metus
  • 24:10 Couldn't help pulling a l.o.l. move lol

    Jose ValenciaJose ValenciaPrieš metus
  • What do I do with the boot? Nothing. (Hilarious)

    Jose ValenciaJose ValenciaPrieš metus
  • Please, please, please do the rest of it

    sam willsam willPrieš metus
  • gotta love the slow decline of quality

    Cooper NCooper NPrieš metus
  • From what I've seen, there's about 4 different ways to get his hat. 1. Follow him till he takes it off to scratch his head. 2. Snag it while he's replanting the rose. 3. Nab it while he's fallen down from the gate. 4. Jank yourself on top of the cooler and other props high enough to snatch it from his head.

    QuicksilvirQuicksilvirPrieš metus
  • I need *alot* more content of this game. Now.

    DomyrasDomyrasPrieš metus
  • Part 2 is a necessary action

    meximan111meximan111Prieš metus
  • Actually just a blatant dunkey copy at times like this

    Christian KisunChristian KisunPrieš metus
  • Please make more of these, this was so god damn funny

    darkria 456darkria 456Prieš metus

    Lucas AlbaniLucas AlbaniPrieš metus
  • Where's the hottest monsters?

    Assassin DancerAssassin DancerPrieš metus
  • that was so funny holy sh*t!!!!! more plz

    OuelletOuelletPrieš metus
  • Please make a part 2 of dis

    ジョバンナゴリノジョバンナゴリノPrieš metus
  • do more plz

    M.C GAMERM.C GAMERPrieš metus
  • I need... no, I DEMAND more of this

    Magiczny SznurekMagiczny SznurekPrieš metus
  • The flower was picked out and replanted like 20 times... HOW IS IT STILL ALIVE?

    Bert SiimonBert SiimonPrieš metus
  • this shit is too fucking funny please make more parts :')

    Lucinda PayneLucinda PaynePrieš metus
  • A simple task of stealing a hat and still the incompetence of you goons shines through

    JungleINSECt SpikewallJungleINSECt SpikewallPrieš metus
  • 2:20 purple hat, i think he means half life right?

    Only Positive VibesOnly Positive VibesPrieš metus
  • its funny but man you are kinda stupid.

    Yoochan LeeYoochan LeePrieš metus
  • record in 60 fps ffs my eyes are bleeding

    DenizDenizPrieš metus
  • Best game ever

    Beli ToniBeli ToniPrieš metus
  • omg why is matt so stupid

    David BuntakDavid BuntakPrieš metus
  • I just watched half an hour of 6 guys pretending to be a goose harrassing some poor guy

    Tristen HerreraTristen HerreraPrieš metus
  • "you know what a group of geese is called?" Yea it's called geese

    Nikita ChumachenkoNikita ChumachenkoPrieš metus
    • Gaggle gaggle

      JeLOL1JeLOL1Prieš metus
    • @Nikita Chumachenko i say gaggle because i have a brain

      Music DecodedMusic DecodedPrieš metus
    • @CJ Ladwig do you say gaggle when you see geese? No. No you don't. You say geese

      Nikita ChumachenkoNikita ChumachenkoPrieš metus
    • It's actually a gaggle of geese.

      CJ LadwigCJ LadwigPrieš metus
  • Man I'm so happy that you are uploading more videos, like hanging out with your friends and joking around and by the side doing the big projects Love your content so damn much Matt, everything from full on comedy to super serious ones. Keep it up brother, you're my favorite LTworldsr ❤️

    Parsa KhademifarParsa KhademifarPrieš metus
  • These last 2 videos were great

    Adam StacAdam StacPrieš metus
  • can we get the face cam of everyone next time pls? I think seeing Tristan absolutely lose his shit would have been even better than this already is

    LungshenliLungshenliPrieš metus

    VeryLiteralVeryLiteralPrieš metus
  • Operation: Rake in the Lake

    WizardPancakesWizardPancakesPrieš metus
  • Play more of this please

    Boosted Weeb ShacoBoosted Weeb ShacoPrieš metus
  • this was kinda frustarting to watch uncut, since u probably used 5 minutes just constantly making the guy bow down so u could take the hat

    Jonathan KongsfeltJonathan KongsfeltPrieš metus
  • It's just things between bread Hmm wats a sandwich then

    idunno YTidunno YTPrieš metus
  • more goose pls

    IthielIthielPrieš metus
  • more

    420 Blaze it420 Blaze itPrieš metus
  • will there be more

    Elucksun GnanashanmuganElucksun GnanashanmuganPrieš metus
  • Goose actual champion spotlight

    Saucey NoodleSaucey NoodlePrieš metus

    Alex Donovan-LoweAlex Donovan-LowePrieš metus
  • Really cool that Dunkey releases longer videos on this channel

    Ser DoomsandwichSer DoomsandwichPrieš metus
  • God i love these videos with the squad.

    taylor wixtaylor wixPrieš metus
  • Please upload the next park god

    류현``oʙʟɪᴠɪᴏɴ・류현``oʙʟɪᴠɪᴏɴ・Prieš metus