Battlerite Except It's Battle Royale

15 Grd 2018
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edited by Andrew Kerrigan

  • That game is so trash

    Mcree HIGH NOONMcree HIGH NOONPrieš 6 mėnesių
  • Question: you liked battlerite before Do you still like it?

    낚시꾼버섯낚시꾼버섯Prieš 7 mėnesių
  • I won my first PvP victory royale on my first PvP match of this game.

    Skull J2Skull J2Prieš 7 mėnesių
  • I found the full pic of the thumbnail

    starleafestarleafePrieš metus
  • thumb nail plz

    ripsaw 35ripsaw 35Prieš metus
  • They suck so much xD

    Andres PedrazaAndres PedrazaPrieš metus
  • Got clickbaited

    YoschicksYoschicksPrieš metus
  • Shows how desperate the Battlerite team is to be relevant again.

    ๖Cloud๖CloudPrieš metus
  • Battlerite is league of legends cousin who copy they're homework.

    Manuel ToneyManuel ToneyPrieš metus
  • Such a bad video...

    PetrichorPetrichorPrieš metus
  • 7/2 All in

    BallzDeep69BallzDeep69Prieš metus
  • I need the link to the artwork of the thumbnail for my school project.

    MiihauMiihauPrieš metus
  • I came for the thumbnail

    ripsaw 35ripsaw 35Prieš metus
  • Hard downvote for dumbass clickbait thumbnail.

    Joshua KnappJoshua KnappPrieš metus
  • Is there battlerite hentai and if there is point me to it

    KiprasKiprasPrieš metus
  • This game is easy when you have rng which I do not have😶✌️

    ESA-7ESA-7Prieš metus
  • I'd think you were doing it for the meme if that blossom wasn't by the same artist as the last time Machew, my thicc boi, you a secret furry?

    Love TapsLove TapsPrieš metus
  • The most click baitiest thumbnail ever known to furries..

    Kris BurgerKris BurgerPrieš metus
  • why does everyone type the same comment, stop it , we get it

    RURRRURRPrieš metus
  • Most of the video was boring, but glad I watched it to the end for the 9:05 XD

    JayHog1992JayHog1992Prieš metus
  • Reupload?

    Los manLos manPrieš metus
  • 1:25 the FFX Song of Prayer brought a tear to my eye

    Nicholas ChickenstripsNicholas ChickenstripsPrieš metus
  • God damnit Battle rite why would you make this mode. On the plus side it seems like they only did it for a goof mode .... or at least I hope.

    Matsa SuneMatsa SunePrieš metus
  • lol, is that the Sly Cooper music in the background? XD

    Sebastian LoyoSebastian LoyoPrieš metus
  • The questionable thumbnail made me question my sexuality in general Hahaha Am i a furry?!!!!!!

  • I want link to the thumbnail hentai

    Maui the demi godMaui the demi godPrieš metus
  • Yakko wants to fuckin dieeeee

    Biogenic ColourBiogenic ColourPrieš metus
  • 10 and a half minutes of no fun and absolute sadness :( RIP

    Vincent LalondeVincent LalondePrieš metus
  • I loved the sly cooper music/sound effects when they were in the barrels.

    Benjamin SilvertBenjamin SilvertPrieš metus
  • dam he be playing that sly cooper sound effects/music

    Astreaus PrimeAstreaus PrimePrieš metus
  • no boost no download xD

    Delano De LangeDelano De LangePrieš metus
  • This game is worse than league and that’s saying a lot :T

    Mr. SquiglesMr. SquiglesPrieš metus
  • 1:24 Final Fantasy X aeon song, i can't fucking tank it, i'm crying already.

    Ivo TonsoIvo TonsoPrieš metus
  • ....yeah Ima just play the normal battlerite.

    camofan123camofan123Prieš metus
  • Guide to having fun in this game; (or what i've had the most luck with) Have nerves of steel - tilt is really too strong with this game Learn your character - you dont know what you're doing you're not gonna have a good time Learn their character - classic moba learning curve Play alone - I've just had better luck solo, most battles are 1v1 so its hard to get caught out in a bad position, or be at a disadvantage if your partner is dead. Learn to pick your battles - possibly the most important, as there are match ups you just wont win at a certain level. learn this and its much easier to have fun Pick your play style - be a pussy, or fight a lot, whichever is more fun for you, and whichever works for your character Git Gud - its fun to actually be good at the game, if Sp4zie is any indication. Take breaks - I can only handle so much of this game at a time huge learning curve, especially if you havent played battlerite arena. sorry if you didn't have fun with the game, its not fun watching you be miserable. hope you made $$$ have a good one

    AmberRamAmberRamPrieš metus
  • The people who made this game a actual fucking retards.... 2 most popular games are free to play and earn more money than any other paid game. - "Lets make it cost £18!!!" honestly game companies are so out of touch with their community these days it hurts! ABSOLUTE FUCKKKKKKING RETARDED FUCKING CUNT FLAPPING PIECES OF SHIT.

    KiKiKiKiPrieš metus
  • Yakko just sounds terribly depressed throughout this video 😂

    riplmaoriplmaoPrieš metus
  • remember when matt was super hyped about battlerite arena? what happend?

    Friedel25Friedel25Prieš metus
  • more hentai lets go

    区ジオ区ジオPrieš metus
  • Not gonna lie, I don’t feel like getting that game anymore.

    AndedoxAndedoxPrieš metus
  • Trash game

    TheCatin2032TheCatin2032Prieš metus
  • Andrew if you read this, I appreciate the sly cooper reference

    White MageWhite MagePrieš metus
  • I think this is the 2nd thumbnail you've used with this character; Are you into furry stuff?

    Jeff ByousJeff ByousPrieš metus
  • This game looks like crap, 0 skill involved....

    FelFelPrieš metus
  • That thumbnail was so cancer it made me click the video

    maor zazonmaor zazonPrieš metus
  • man this video sucked because you clearly had no fun

    Superbird29Superbird29Prieš metus
  • It made me happy to hear The Sly Cooper

    JasonJasonPrieš metus
  • Bo Burnham made a clause about not singing along with his songs for a reason.

    Zion SairinZion SairinPrieš metus
  • Ya know. This game just doesn't look fun.

    chris moranchris moranPrieš metus
  • dear god they sound so depressed

    FilthyDogMainFilthyDogMainPrieš metus
  • can i get a date of when this channel took a turn for the worst wanna mark this in the history books

    Vincent JacobsVincent JacobsPrieš metus
  • This game looks so bad but make that bread.

    Jose GuardiolaJose GuardiolaPrieš metus
  • The funniest part of the game is the barrel disguise nothing else

    Russa FrescoRussa FrescoPrieš metus
  • HOLY SHIT YOU SUCK !!! just like me

    DavyDavyPrieš metus
  • I do love how these battlerite sponsored videos from people do nothing but show how garbage the game is.

    ItaohsItaohsPrieš metus
  • Battlerite is fun too bad it hasn't caught on but dude BR's ughhhhh

    iTz_PkiTz_PkPrieš metus
  • Every time a blossom thumbnail. Why is it alway r34 of blossom?

    justunnam3djustunnam3dPrieš metus
  • thumbnail post 2622185 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Josh TranJosh TranPrieš metus
  • y y y y y y y it's not F2P :CCCCCC

    hugoperozo1990hugoperozo1990Prieš metus
  • Why the fuck this shit costs 20$? The normal game is free. wtf?

    asdaffewwerqa asafdaqwradasdaffewwerqa asafdaqwradPrieš metus
  • This video is so forced

    RazRazPrieš metus
  • We love you Matt! Get that bread!

    Thano CorypheonThano CorypheonPrieš metus
  • If Blossom was male the games player base would increase ten fold.

    SirrisSirrisPrieš metus
  • you guys played so bad made me quit the game :^)

    Kostas KappaKostas KappaPrieš metus
  • Kinda sad they didnt do the game justice because they suck ass...but what do i know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ps: tbh, I never wrote anything bad about Matt's videos even tho they are legitimately going down hill for like a year now... but Jesus this one is fucking horrible...

    LilBitterLilBitterPrieš metus
  • Way to make this game look fucking shitty even tho its actually good if you just dont suck ass

    Big BoiBig BoiPrieš metus
  • Nah Matt. Hope you enjoy the christmas money tho.

    ihavegotnoideaihavegotnoideaPrieš metus
  • this actually seems like a cool game im just lazy

    stefan pereirastefan pereiraPrieš metus
  • just here cuz of the thumbnail

    :SilenT ::SilenT :Prieš metus
  • 3 new champions? AHAHAHAHAH

    Uno .YoutuberUno .YoutuberPrieš metus
  • 1:20 FFX

    Lunar PrismLunar PrismPrieš metus
  • wow yakko is fuckin depressed. tell him i love him

    Brother JBrother JPrieš metus
  • yakko sounds so depressed, matt don't force the boy

    Patrick CostantinPatrick CostantinPrieš metus
  • Is it weird that I know _exactly_ what the thumbnail is?

    LancasterLancasterPrieš metus
  • Boooooo

    Fen BranklinFen BranklinPrieš metus
  • Whole vid was u guys committing suicide I loved it

    Ray GolandRay GolandPrieš metus
  • Thumbnail sauce ???

    Greatest EverGreatest EverPrieš metus
  • You don't need gamer juice You need that gamer girl pee

    LordOwOrisaLordOwOrisaPrieš metus
  • Hey, I have that thumbnail saved on my comput-

    Cloudy_Dayz11Cloudy_Dayz11Prieš metus
  • do zyra actual champion spotlight

    God of TurretsGod of TurretsPrieš metus
  • is this paid promotion? Why is there no little annotation?

    jameshetfieldserbiajameshetfieldserbiaPrieš metus
  • I just want to let people know that this game is actually great. It is tons of fun. Skill-cap is really high and its kind of tough getting into it if you havent played Battlerite before at all. But its a learning process which is worth the time. The reason why they might have been very bored playing is because they, first of all, doesnt seem all too familiar with Battlerite and second of all they were playing duos. Duos are usually played by decent skilled people who at least know a bit about how to play, so it totally makes sense that this may not have seemed like it was an enjoyable experience or that it something you want to try out. This is honestly one of the best games i have ever played along with the original Battlerite. Definitely on my top 2 of competitive games ive ever played, it just takes a bit of time getting into it and learning how to play properly.

    Mick LarsenMick LarsenPrieš metus
  • you're hilarious, and I get why you're moving away from league, but if league becomes good again (maybe someday soon before I day), I liked your league vids, but I cant really relate to this. So to get your views up, if it something i dont relate to, ill play it on mute in the background and refresh it when i think about it.

    Nick WilcoxNick WilcoxPrieš metus
  • Man, this game looks like shit, I feel bad that you guys had to play through this

    Muhammad AdamMuhammad AdamPrieš metus
  • Isn't this just Fortnite x League of Legends?

    ThatDerpGuyThatDerpGuyPrieš metus
  • That voicemail was a stolen bo burnham song. yeet.

    Claus EberdnsnClaus EberdnsnPrieš metus
  • Sponsored videos really arent your thing i guess

    DansuDansuPrieš metus
  • we like to have fun here . _.

    forgotten toothpickforgotten toothpickPrieš metus
  • Battlerite was fun but failed sadly. Battlerite Royale somehow manages to have 3x less active players than the original 2 months after release @.@

    Simon J JSimon J JPrieš metus
  • I like battlerite but the actual video is meh

    Kaileb McDonaldKaileb McDonaldPrieš metus
  • Yeh know the game is gonna tank pretty quick if the bois doesn't sound interested

    mui robsonmui robsonPrieš metus
  • Never use that thumbnail again

    Julian SweetmanJulian SweetmanPrieš metus
  • hope you got payed well for this video cuz u guys look bored asf

    KtsKtsPrieš metus
  • i miss the actual champ spotlight stuff you did

    Joshua WernerJoshua WernerPrieš metus
  • Magikarp Is Pokémon

    lukqsh_klukqsh_kPrieš metus
  • League + Fortnite = Battlerite

    ThaCookieGamingThaCookieGamingPrieš metus
  • The real name of this video is "lets get this bread even though its stale"

    Tariq DanzigTariq DanzigPrieš metus
  • League of legends royale

    DepressedBoy Desperate in LifeDepressedBoy Desperate in LifePrieš metus
  • Alright, so I haven't played this game, but this looks like a total stat check rather than a skill based game. That's the complete opposite design philosophy in the original Battlerite. Am I wrong in that observation? Like, all BRs rely a little on stat checking, but the most important thing is your ability to aim. It isn't uncommon for an undergeared player to outgun an overgeared one simply due to better aim. But the fact that this game is a "level scaling" based BR with MOBA character design means that your entire ability to fight is based on your abilities, and the power of those abilities are entirely based on a stat curve. You can't reliably outplay someone when they inherently have a much higher health pool, DPS, and mobility because they're a higher level. Like, what are they thinking? At least in LoL if there's a fed Master Yi you can play the map and prioritize objectives to win. BR is only about killing. Why would you make a BR where your power scales? That means if you're a lower level than your opponent your only options are to run, or die.

    Falcon4242Falcon4242Prieš metus
    • Then how do you explain players that consistently get ahead and win their games? There's a strategy to it, and sometimes it doesn't involve fighting anything that moves.

      wotsit294wotsit294Prieš metus

    ZeruketsukaZeruketsukaPrieš metus